Cleanses are typically done in the spring or fall which allows us to do a reset for the body, mind, emotions and the soul. It’s a time that we can release and remove accumulation from the many layers of our being and bringing us back to a state of balance. 

The body has this innate intelligence that kicks in and begins producing signs or symptoms to say it’s had enough and needs a reset. A cleanse using Kitchari and Ayurvedic practices supports the body’s natural cleansing system without depleting it.

There’s always accumulation occurring. A cleanse can guide you through any need to shift and change your practices, routines and diet. A cleanse can help you prepare for the next season and provide you with radiant health and vitality.

Now Available Two Options:

1.) Reset Your Digestion - GETTING STARTED (Basic Program)

2.) Reset Your Digestion & Cleanse (Advance Program)

The BASIC PROGRAM  offers you a starting point to go through an Ayurvedic digestive reset/cleanse. Complete with all the material you need to get started. 

In the ADVANCED PROGRAM you receive everything included in the BASIC PROGRAM plus daily practices, meditations, workouts, tutorials and much more.

What's included

These cleanses honors, respects and supports our full unique selves by including:

  • A full template and plan to customize your cleanse from a 1 day digestion reset to a 3 - 7 day deeper cleanse

  • Recipes, guides and further resources for planning and safely taking you on this journey

  • Self-care practices – such as yoga practice, meditation and journaling

  • One-on-one support during your cleanse (reach out to me for any additional support and resources)

Pricing options

Choose the program that is right for you


  • Why should I cleanse?

    An Ayurvedic Cleanse provides us with the Time, Space, and Energy to reflect, digest all our experiences, food, thoughts and emotions that have occurred during the past season and months.

  • What does a cleanse help clear?

    An Ayurvedic Cleanse helps to clear the Body, Mind, and Emotions of the accumulation of ama (toxins) and to restore the body's natural balance and intelligence. You can think of this as the rinsing and wringing out of a sponge, so once again it is free to fully digest and absorb again.

  • How much support will I have on this cleanse?

    You can reach out to me anytime for support and additional resources.