We Believe

We can change the embodiment of the sacred feminine energetics that allows us the space to embrace, explore and own our Wholeness.

The Haus of Shakti to go-to space for women to rekindle their embodiment of Shakti (the sacred feminine), to create, to sustain and to dissolve that which serves them and others. To build a life that honours who they are now and hold space for who they are to become.

Are You Ready to embody the Goddess within? 

Are you ready to embrace and explore the sacred feminine and your innate wisdom?

 This is the home to embody the sacred feminine, to embrace Shakti through movement, meditation, ritual and story. 

It's the place to build oneness with our truth, to align with our power, to our innate wisdom and most importantly to connect to our WHOLENESS!

At Haus of Shakti we step into the healing techniques that embody Shakti, to allow the sacred feminine to flow through us for the ultimate feminine energetic breakthroughs. We tap and tune into Shakti energy from the heart and awaken the sacred feminine within. 

When you join in the Haus, you're joining a journey to heal, transform and evolve to the next level of  wholeness. 

It's real transformation, one that transcends, activates and heals the sacred feminine within. To create empowerment for you and those around you. One that reveals and ignites your intuitive power, your innate wisdom so being with the sacred feminine feels  safe, pleasurable and expansive. One that deepens your understanding of how to create, sustain and dissolve through Shakti (the sacred feminine) and building your relationship with trusting in your intuitive wisdom. 

To go from complacency or trying to force intuition



Experience UNLIMITED ACCESS to everything HAUS OF SHAKTI has to offer in Embodying the SACRED FEMININE.

What's Included:

3 Investment Options: $74 per month, Bi-Annual - 6 monthly payments of $135 or Annual - One Time Payment of $740

  • Goddess Rituals & Activations

    Each month we'll explore and embody a particular Shakti goddess energetics. With this intention we'll bring this into essence in through ritual, movement and activation.

  • Meditation Embodiment Practices

    Join in 2 monthly meditations that will vary from mantras and malas (japa), guided visualizations, breathing practices and much more. Free writing concludes some the meditation practices.

  • Embodied Yoga & Movement Practices

    Each month experience Shakti through 2 - Embodiment flow practices (60-90 minutes) and 2 - Mini embodiment flow practices (30 minutes). These embodiment practices will include yoga & movement, mudra and mantras to move the essence and energetics of the Shakti goddess each month. Each of the practices are live and are added to the replay library for you to use at your convenience.

  • Exploring The Manifestations of Shakti

    Each month we explore with in-depth inquiry, lesson that each manifestation of Shakti has to offer. To alchemize the energetics of each essences of Shakti.

  • Haus Happy Hour

    Each month we gather in community to share, to laugh and celebrate each other with our individual wins, transformation and healing.

  • Monthly Q & A

    Each month there will be a special Q & A that is related to the energetics that we have been exploring each month.

  • Shakti Collective Community

    Connect with others to share, to celebrate, to support and to witness those in the Haus.

 Awaken the Cycles of Shakti 

Within the forms of Shakti through the 11 Goddesses we are in the continuous cycle of creation, sustainability and dissolving.

Shakti  is POWER! The power of CREATING, the POWER of SUSTAINABILITY and the POWER to DISSOLVE.

What does this all mean?

The CYCLE OF CREATION:  Within this cycle we are inspired to be and do within this power to create daily and throughout our life. How that power to create shows up depends on where we are within our healing journey of the sacred feminine and the relationship we have with our TRUTH - our TRUE NATURE. The relationship we have to SELF. We can bring this aligned  alchemy of unity into our life by healing our relationship to the sacred feminine. This is through the acknowledgement of the duality in life and understanding that this is the path to the transcendence of UNITY within and in all.

The CYCLE of SUSTAINABILITY: Within this cycle we are allowing this space of being and doing  within the power of sustainability. This is the space of preserving that which we have created and allowing this momentum to breathe. It's this cycle where the energy is maintain, where we are allowing the creation the build, thrive and flourish. It's within this cycle that creation is nurture and nourishes. That our healing is established into innate wisdom within. It's where we allow our creative light of pure TRUTH, pure UNITY to radiate and shine bright. It's where we are expressing our alchemy of SELF in it purest form.

The CYCLE of DISSOLVING: Within this cycle we are releasing and letting go of the illusions that limit our TRUTH, that limit our TRUE NATURE. The importance of this cycle is key to moving into the cycle of creation and sustainability with the wisdom and understanding of our duality. It's key to transforming our relationship to the duality within life. It's the catalyst that heals the illusion of separation within and in all. It heals the body, it heals the mind and it offers the ability to awaken the potential of creating and sustaining from our TRUTH, from our TRUE NATURE. 

These cycles are not separate from each other, they are one of integration, one of being and doing that is woven together as one. Understanding and bringing this wisdom shifts how we heal ourselves, deepens our relationship with SOURCE and strengthens our relationship with SELF. Freedom - liberation is found when we honour our UNITY, when we heal our SEPARATION , when we understand and acknowledge our DUALITY. This journey of ALIGNING TO OUR TRUTH, OUR TRUE NATURE, to OUR SELF, requires the rising of embracing SHAKTI once more.

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